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Article: Are Metals in Clays Safe?
by Perry A~ Arledge

Calcium Bentonite ClayThe earth is made up of alumina silicates and trace minerals.  It is a healthy form or we would all be pickled in Aluminum today.  It is in a natural oxide form that is not absorbed by the body.  Aluminum and other trace minerals that make up clay are tightly bound together and act as the whole clay molecule rather than the individual minerals. The particle size of the whole clay molecule is too large to pass through the colon wall so it is not absorbed into the blood stream. The FDA would not say Bentonite clays are FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) if this were not so.

It is through molecular rearrangement and isolation of the metal ores in the making of industrial compounds and chemicals that they become toxic to plant, animals, humans as well as the environment itself. 

Like water (H2O) is a natural compound but if you were to separate the hydrogen molecule from water by the refining process, it could be used to fuel cars of the future or make bombs and therefore is not only harmful and toxic but lethal.


Throughout the world, soils that contain trace minerals are what plants utilize for growth and life itself. The nutrients in these soils transfer into plants by a process called plant root nutrient uptake. If the plants that animals and humans eat to live are harmful or toxic, then plant, animal and human life would not be on earth as we know it.  Pollution of our soils is what is causing heavy metal toxicity in humans today.


Elements on the periodic table, including aluminum, lead, copper, chromium, iron, nickel and strontium, are found in some clays in very small trace amounts often measured in harmless ppm (parts per million). That is why they call them trace minerals. In the natural form they are tightly bound together with a high negative charge and act as a whole. They become a strong drawing force pulling and binding toxins, viruses, infections into itself and carrying them out of the body. That is why clays are known as natural, safe, gentle detoxing agents.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Richard Anderson, author of Cleanse and Purify Thyself:

"Some people are concerned about the aluminum in clays. Aluminum is one of the most abundant minerals on the earth. However, if you recall where it states that Bentonite clays have a negative (ionic) electrical charge, you will realize that Bentonite cannot be absorbed by the body. The epithelium cells of the gut are also negatively charged. Like the polar opposites of two magnets repelling one another, the cells of our bowels absolutely repel the Bentonite clay from entering the inner sanctum of our bodies. Dr. Anderson has probably set the world's record in the consuming of Bentonite clay. Not only has he no signs of aluminum poisoning, but also his hair analysis has never indicated any abnormal levels of aluminum in his body. And does he still use Bentonite? Absolutely."


Perry A~ Arledge is the author of Calcium Bentonite Clay Nature's Pathway to Healing ( and numerous clay articles ( She is a frequent guest on health talk radio shows. She is dedicated to spreading the word about clay's healing potential and putting attention on safe healing with Bentonite Clay.  She is available for lectures, radio interviews, and answering questions on clay therapy. Perry A~ can be reached at 1-512-262-7187 and © 2015 Perry A~  



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