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2017 Webinar Archives
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January 12 mp3 January 19 mp3
Topics: Yeast infection, toxins in water, mercury detox, itchiness, wireless transmissions, D.E. and clay, menopause, tinnitus, skin rash Topic: Every Person and All the Events of Your Life Have a Gift for You
January 26  mp3 February 16 mp3
Topics: Flu season, Shingles, Bronchitis & Sinus, Mixing directions for liquid, masks, baths, poultices, overview of external uses for clay Topic: The Need to Be Needed
February 9 mp3 March 16 mp3
Topics: New brochure, IBS, Leaky Gut, Constipation, Metal parts in body, Mixing Clay, Detoxing through brain barrier, Rheumatoid Arthritis Topic: Building a Better Belief System
February 23 mp3 April 13 mp3
Topics: Gout, bunions, uterine fibroids, recipes, surgical incision, blood pressure, heart health, allergies, poultices, D.E., liquid clay sediment  Topic: Forgiveness
March 9 mp3 May 18 mp3
Topics: Diverticulitis & Ulcers, cataracts, damaged disc, shingles, gmo foods, water for liquid clay, fears of getting lead poisoning from clay Topic: Our Perfectly Orchestrated Universe
March 23 mp3 June 15 mp3
Topics: Sweetening liquid clay, constipation, meds & supplements, poultice/clay mask, soaking feet, type 2 diabetes, clay for dogs, clay exposed to sun, snoring
Links to testimonials: Heel Ulcer, Lump on Head 
Topic: Be Still and Know That I am God
April 6 mp3 July 27 mp3
Topics: Shingles, heavy metals, deep cut, hernia, gardening, tremors, nasal polyps, recipes, broken bones, diabetic ulcers Topic: Faith - Without It We Will Remain Lost in Struggles of your Own Making
April 20 mp3 August 24 mp3
Topics: Essential tremors, tooth abscess, clay around eyes, mixing clay, clay baths, liver infection, high blood pressure, Calcium Bentonite Clay Book, garden Topic: Disappointment
May 11 mp3 September 28 mp3
Topics: Age spots, foot baths, open wounds, gall bladder, rosacea, tattoo removal, energy, tooth plaque, low thyroid (dog), nicotine, pets, balanitis, wrinkles, heavy metal detox Topic: Your Eternal Power
June 8 mp3 October 16 mp3
Topics: Gum issues, bacteria, toenail fungus, torn meniscus lining of knee, is bentonite same as living clay, smoothies, amputated fingertip Topic: Your Eternal Power
June 22 mp3
Topics: Mold Exposure/people & pets, CFS, sinusitis, bursitis, Celiacs, dog's parasites, new book, clay fasting, acid reflux, ways to take Liquid Clay
July 13 mp3
Topics: Clay fasts, clay odor, distilled water, vitamins, shingles pain, cats, clay detox, circulation, digestive issues, healing crisis 
August 10 mp3
Topics: Anxiety attacks, COPD, acne, arthritis, cockatiels, dogs, circulation, dandruff, detox/cleanse, rough skin, puffy eyes
September 14 mp3
Topics: Clay Fasting, GERD, arthritis, minerals, purifying water, spastic colon, recommended sources, rosacea, economical ways to continue events 
October 12 mp3
Topics: Fatty liver, pets, type 2 diabetes, broken toes, cat with hairballs, cavity under crown, thinning & breaking hair, mucinous cyst on finger knuckle
November 2 mp3
Topics: Detox, shingles, acne, fibromyalgia, root canal tooth, diabetes medication, pinched nerve, Clay Book, source of clay
November 30 mp3
Topics: Is clay a calcium supplement, scarring & c-sections, clay poultices, collagen & deep wrinkles, Crohn's disease, ISBO, gums, digestion, acne scarring, hair loss, hormone balance, skin tags, moles, bunions, rotary cuff injury

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